About Point Guard

Point Guard Partners is a cross-functional management team built to help ophthalmic pharmaceutical, medical device and drug delivery companies move products successfully from initial concept through FDA approval and into the market.

Point Guard also offers a unique opportunity for companies or investment funds to completely outsource development of products, or to supplement their staff using members of the Point Guard team

The Outsourcing Advantage

The global economic situation is unpredictable and is likely to remain fluid for the foreseeable future. Working with Point Guard’s proven consultants speeds product development and increases your chances for success. It also allows you to avoid adding permanent infrastructure for project-specific work.

Point Guard Offers Its Clients Many Advantages Including:

  • Fast ramp up – our expert consultants can start work instantly
  • Flexibility – we can provide full staffing or assist with specific assignments
  • Cost-effective – no need to pay for recruitment, relocation, employment contracts, stock options, etc., and you can stop cash burn immediately if your project hits a roadblock
  • Socially responsible – no underutilized staff to upset your corporate culture and no need to lay off employees when a project is complete.

The Point Guard Solution

With multiple outsourcing companies competing for your business, Point Guard offers one critical benefit:
We have walked a mile in your shoes. Several miles, actually. Our core team’s history as a cohesive management unit for both a successful CRO and a thriving pharmaceutical company gives us a unique perspective that other consultants can’t match.