Philippe Boulangeat


Philippe is a business development professional with over 30 years of experience in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. He has consulted for many ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies worldwide and was VP of business development and International affairs for 20 years at Chauvin, the largest independent ophthalmic company in Europe. Most recently, he served as SVP of Business Development at Sirion Therapeutics, Inc. Philippe has an MBA from Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris. His experience and expertise include licensing in and out, merger and acquisition, and export activities.

Significant Accomplishments

  • For Sirion, licensed in Zirgan from Thea/France and Cyclosporin from Sophia/Mexico.
  • Head of export at Chauvin with sales in 65 countries.
  • Acquired and integrated Ankerpharm and Smith and Nephew’s ophthalmic pharmaceutical division into Chauvin.
  • Set up Chauvin subsidiaries in Portugal and Benelux (Belgium-Luxemburg-Holland)
  • General manager of Chauvin Switzerland for 3 years and President of Chauvin Benelux for 4 years.
  • Part of the task force in charge of the negotiation with B&L for the acquisition of Chauvin.
  • Hired as a consultant by B&L to identify potential European ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies for acquisition, resulting in the acquisition of Fidia Ophta in Italy.